Scaling areal features around individual centerpoints

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I currently have a shapefile representing building footprints that I am attempting to modify.
Currently the areals share sides, as shown in the attached Combined.jpg.


However, for my end purpose these areals cannot be touching. I was able to achieve this effect by scaling the building areals individually, as shown in Scaled.jpg.


Unfortunately, the sheer number of footprints I have make doing this on a per-areal basis pretty unrealistic. I noticed an option in the Rotate/Scale Selected Feature(s) dialog for rotating about the center of each there any way to do the same thing for a scaling operation?

Or any ideas on another way to achieve the desired end result?
Thanks in advance for any assistance.



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    You should just be able to use the existing Rotate/Scale option with a rotation angle of 0 and the desired scaling factor. Am I missing something else that you need?


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  • rayjrrayjr Global Mapper User Posts: 2
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    Well, thats odd. I really thought I had done that...I must have left the scale factor to 1. :p
    I just tried again and it's doing just what I need. Thanks.

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