how to create 3d building data vector files for global mapper 11 using Arcgis 9.3

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Can somebody please advise how to create a shape file with 3d building data to create an 3d building image in Global mapper


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    I'm not sure how to do this in ArcGIS, but if you just load your building outlines in Global Mapper you can edit them with the Digitizer Tool and either add an ELEVATION attribute with the desired building height as the attribute value, or even edit the vertices and add elevations for each vertex which you can then edit individually. Either of those methods will work for 3D display in Global Mapper.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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    To: geosolutions


    PLS let me invite You here:
    and check following sub-pages started with 3D...
    where I'm playing with 3D vectors in GlobalMapper . Do not worry about the site is in PL,
    since many attached screenshots should explain a lot by itselves.

    Creating 3D city with GlobalMapper - need a patience and time, but is very simple and effective however . PLS just start... Then nothing should be difficult...


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