Terrain Maps

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Here's a few maps I recently created with Global Mapper. NASA Blue Marble images enhanced with SRTM elevation data for hill shades. Thanks to Microsoft Sea Dragon for hosting them. Click on full screen icon at bottom right corner to view full screen.

Will be adding more here http://www.gelib.com/microsoft-sea-dragon-map.htm

Global Terrain Map (650 Megapixel, Geographic Projection)
<script src="http://seadragon.com/embed/16mt.js?width=auto&height=300px"></script>;

Global Terrain Map (650 Megapixel, Winkel Tripel Projection)
<script src="http://seadragon.com/embed/16og.js?width=auto&height=300px"></script>;

California Terrain Map
<script src="http://seadragon.com/embed/16mp.js?width=auto&height=525px"></script>;


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