problem in drawing over global mapper drawing

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i am using global mapper SDK to load the dt level 0 data and i want to draw some more drawing using GDI. In this case my customized drawings are not displaying.
I dont know the problem, so i have attached the source care for your reference. Please have a look and give your sugession to solve the problem.

You just copy GlobalMapperInterface.dll onto the folder before compile this project.


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    Either you let Global Mapper SDK draw onto the device context of your Map window and then you do your drawing afterwards (and make sure during your drawing, you do not clear the device context otherwise it will erase what the SDK has done) OR you use DrawLayerListToMemory and draw everything to memory. After which you can do whatever you want on your memory and then BitBlt unto your window.

    It should 'just' work.
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    Is it your 'LoadImage' call from OnPaint that isn't working? It looks like you are basically calling it in the right place, but I can't really debug your image drawing code. I would get that working first without doing the background SDK map draw, then once you have that working just re-enable the SDK background drawing to make sure they work together.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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