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Hi Mike,

would it be possible to have a function that from a given strike and dip point with an elevation attribute, and given a range of elevation values, either :
-plots points spaced so that for each elevation value, (distance from strike and dip point) = (elevation value) x cotg(dip angle) ;
- draws lines of a user-defined length parallels to the strike spaced with the same rule as for the points.

and the icing on the cake : would it be possible, given two contours layers with elevation value for each contour, plot on a new layer the intersections (just the points) of the same elevation value contours ?

If you take a look at this excellent website : and specially at this page : you will see what I intend to do.




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    I forgot : plot points in the direction of the dip spaced so that...

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    I can add that to the todo list. Maybe I can add them for the v12 release.


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