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Make polygon shape file from line shape file

Sebas Global Mapper User
edited June 2010 in Vector Data
I need to convert a big line shapefile to polygons.
The lines are generated directly by me from range information.
It was originally edited in ArcView 3x, with an extension designed to preserve topological correction.
So, it appeared to be all ok, but when I try to BUILD the line theme into a polygon theme, ArcView tells me there are "dangles".
When I ask the program (through the extension) to show me the dangles, it does not find them!!!
So I can not correct them.
So I came to Global Mapper (8.0). Here I selected all the lines and asked to "Find not connected line endpoints". The program did not find any.
Then I asked to "Create new area features from selected lines"
Then the program notices me that "Not all the selected lines were able to be connected together prior to forming areas from them" "Would you like to make separated areas with lines that not connect with the other lines?". Y choosed "yes" (if I choose NO, I am leaved again alone with my lines).
So, the resulting polygons have a lot of problems, holes, half polygons, etc.

What can I do in order to ger correct polygons? Is there any other previous test I can do with my lines before ordering the program to make polygons?

My file is big. I have 4989 line shapes. A lot of work, no results

Thanks for your attention.


  • tjhb
    tjhb Global Mapper User Trusted User
    edited June 2010
    This is not a trivial problem, and I don't think it's rare.

    I'm a very loyal Global Mapper user, but the tool for that job is Manifold, in particular its Spatial SQL, which would make short work of identifying the problems, and with a bit of knowledge enable rapid remediation.

    If you'd like help fixing the lines and making areas I'd be happy to do that (voluntarily, unless you work for some nefarious cause).

    (There doesn't seem to be any way of attaching an email address to a user profile.)
  • global_mapper
    global_mapper Administrator
    edited June 2010
    Your Global Mapper version is a bit old, so there may be some issues there, but if you can post the Shapefile data I can take a look and see if there is any hope of automatically generating areas from it.


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