DeLorme Earthmate Hyperformance GPSr compatible?

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I'm using Global Mapper 11.01 and an Earthmate "Hyperformance" GPSr (serial) with a USB-to-Serial adapter (computer doesn't have any serial ports). Under Windows device manager, I can see the adapter is set to COM3. But when I setup the GPS in GM to use COM3 (auto-detect), I always get an error message saying that GM was unable to auto-detect any GPS device.

I've even tried setting it to NMEA and trying COM1 thru COM5 just to be sure, but nothing works.

Is my GPSr compatible w/ GM11, or is it too old and unsupported?

FYI: My GPSr works just fine in DeLorme's Street Atlas 2007 Plus, which I'm not running at the time so there shouldn't be any COM port confusion.

Please help. Thank you.


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    The original DeLorme serial GPS receivers don't use NMEA but instead use the old Rockwell binary format, which is not supported by Global Mapper. There is a hardware translator available at, but really I think an upgrade to your GPS receiver would be a better investment.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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