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.dbf to shapefile (losing my labels!)

Antonio Global Mapper User
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I'm trying to load a shapefile with a corresponding .dbf into SMT Kingdom. This is the shapefile:

When I load it into Global Mapper, I get all the boundaries from the .shp file as well as the labels from the .dbf file. However, SMT Kingdom apparently does not support .dbf files, so when I load the shapefile, I lose my labels!

I was wondering if Global Mapper could be used to create a .shp file (or any other format compatible with SMT Kingdom) from the .dbf file in order to conserve these labels when loading into SMT.



  • global_mapper
    global_mapper Administrator
    edited June 2010
    A Shapefile uses a DBF file to store attributes, like text labels. There isn't anyway to move the information from the DBF file into the Shapefile directly, it always has to be in a DBF file.

    Is there any other format that SMT Kingdom supports that Global Mapper supports as an export format?


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