Is it possible to automation image registration in GM

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Lets say I have a set of .jpg images and would like to georeference all of them. They are offset with exactly same spacing (and are the exact same size in pixels), could i automate the rectification process after generating GCP files for each image?

I thought this might be possible with a windows batch command somehow, or perhaps there is a GM script command that i am not familiar with?

Thanks for the help!


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    Georeference one of them. Save the Workspace file. Then use a text editor to open the GWS file and copy and paste the section with the image georeferencing. Then just change the file name each time you paste the text. Next time you open the workspace file they will all be georeferenced.

    I think that will work.

    If you have 1,000s of files, it's possible to automatically generate the script using UltraEdit (to generate the text) and DirectoryOpus (to generate the list of file names). Or I could do it for you for a small fee :) Contact me if interested.
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