Unit and value of Elevation Data in GM_AddAreaToVectorLayer

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i want to define an area with different elevation using GM_AddAreaToVectorLayer.
In that i am filling the GM_AreaFeature_t structure with points. In that i also want to define the elevation like mountain. Now i want to know the unit of that elevation and also that is with respect to current position or from the sea level.

Ex if current elevation is 1000 and i want to define 1200 then either i have to give 200 or 1200.


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    You can use the mVertexElevList member of the GM_AreaFeature_t structure to provide per-vertex elevations, or add an attribute named 'ELEVATION' to the attribute list with the desired value. Use GM_SetLayerElevationUnits to specify the units of the elevation values in that layer.

    In the 3D view you can specify whether the elevation values are relative to the ground or absolute elevations on the 3D options dialog.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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