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Hi there, I have a number of aerial photos that I have in a map catalog and I would like to be able to "offset" them all by a certain ammount in the x and y direction. I know that is possible if I load an individual tile and right click in the control panel and use "shift selected layers a fixed distance". This would be time consuming if I had many individual tiles loaded. I see in the gmc (map catalog) file when I open with a text editor that there is in the second paragraph an Xshift and Yshift value which is 0. I changed this to what I wanted, saved the gmc file and then opened in GM again but saw no effect. Is there something I have done incorrectly? Thanks.



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    You should be able to select multiple layers in the Control Center, then right-click and shift them all at once.

    The Xshift and Yshift values in map catalogs (and other old format PRJs) are a relic from that older format, they are not used at all in Global Mapper.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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