"No/yes to all" on JPG import for map catalogue

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Using GM11.02 64-bit

I am trying to import 1000+ JP2 images into a map catalogue, but for every image I get a requester stating that :
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The JPEG2000 file that you are loading indicates that Y coordinates increase as you go down the image rather than the more common convention for mapping data of increasing as you go up the image. This will cause the file to display upside down and possibly draw very slowly.

If you'd like to flip the Y coordinates for viewing now, press YES, otherwise select NO to view the Y coordinates as specified in the file.
Yes No

for 1000+ images, pressing "yes" or "no" every time is a bit frustrating. I would like the additional option to click "no to all" or "yes to all" to be added to this requester. Could that be arranged?
Thank you.


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