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Hi Mike,

I have just updated the GM SDK from V131 to V133. But I have found double image of some layers in 3D View with GM SDK V133, and it happens with the rectangle scale 1:12160, 1:6080 and 1:3040.

Do I need to change something in my old GM_3DSetView() function?

I have attached 3DView V131.bmp, 3DView V133.bmp, 3DViewV133 Scale33000.bmp, 3DViewV133 Scale12160.bmp, 3DViewV133 Scale6080.bmp and 3DViewV133 Scale3040.bmp for your reference.



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    In between the v1.31 and v1.33 release support for displaying 3D vector features in space in the 3D view was added. That is what you are seeing. If you press the option button on the 3D toolbar (the right-most button) and disable 3D vector display that should fix what you are seeing.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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