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we are constantly using global mapper and its a great bit of software, but our work usually involves realtime visualisation, with areas of interest needed at 2m resolution, sometimes the client asks for a large area of lower resolution(25m) to place the high resolution(2m) into context, as its realtime we cannot just place a whole area as 2m, it is simply to much for the computer to handle

so what we usually do is output tiles at 2m,5m,10m and 20m meshes and then stich them together in our 3d software( 3dsmax), a very time consuming process, would it be possible for you to think about creating a method for designating areas of mesh resolution( something similar to creating areas of interest) so that we could then export the terrain as tiles but incoporating the different mesh resolution

i am sure this would be highly beneficial to many sectors who use your software and would also open new areas of use, using large terrain files where the user only needs high detail in certain spots

hope you will think about this
kind regards


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    One of the things that we plan on adding for v12 this summer is the ability to export more generic layered tiles at different resolutions, so I think this should help you achieve what you are after when it is available.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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    thanks for that, look forward to it
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