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I work for a company called Raveon Technologies. We utilize our softare, Ravtrack PC, and our GPS enabled radio transponders for vehicle and assett tracking. I am trying to develop a world map that is correctly rectified. It doesn't have to have high zoom resolution, maybe just enough to see the countries. Can anyone recommend a data source that I can add to global mapper that would have a good assortment of imagery of this level? I may have to georectify a good image that I find, how do you go about rectifying a map of the world. Will the gps tracking be valid with Global Mappers auto rectification?

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    I would suggest using the File->Download Online Imagery/Data menu command and pulling down the OpenStreetMaps data and exporting the entire world of it at a very large sample spacing (maybe like 0.001 arc degree spacing or something like that) to get a base map. The Landsat data might work as a good zoomed out imagery layer to also export at very low resolution.

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    I'm developing a detailed world map that will be available at different resolutions. It will be free for non-commercial use. Let me know if you're interested in commercial use and we can work something out. Here are some screen shots of the map from Google Earth, but it will also available in standard GeoTIFF format. Pretty much any other data (roads, country borders, etc.) can be overlaid onto the imagery.

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    That map looks perfect, the zoom level looks great. I would like to use the free geo-tiff to try on our software. We would definitely like to have something for commercial use. Our current stock map for our software is not as detailed and professional as we would like. Please give me an idea on how much the commercial version would cost, and let me know how I can get the free geo-tiff to introduce to our software engineer.

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    Here is a link, which should let you download the GeoTIFF file. This is the low resolution version (bottom 3 screen shots) and is a 580 megabyte 32-bit color GeoTIFF with 36,000 x 18,000 resolution.

    There is also a high resolution version (top screen shot), which is 8 gigabytes and split into 72 GeoTiff files. I don't have that version uploaded yet.

    You can contact me using the form below, or send me private message on the forum here to discuss commercial licensing.
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    I've finished a few different versions of these terrain maps. They are all available as standard 32-Bit GeoTiffs. As of right now, have the following available for download.

    Global 1,000 meter - 580 megabyte GeoTIFF file
    Global 250 meter - 8 gigabyte GeoTIFF split into 72 tiles
    US States 90 meter - Individual GeoTIFFs of lower 48 US States and Hawaii

    More info and download links here
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