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Able to cut/crop images?

jmccullough33 Global Mapper User
edited May 2010 in Raster Data
Does this software allow you to cut/crop images? I don't see anything on this anywhere.


  • DustyRobinson
    DustyRobinson Global Mapper User Trusted User
    edited May 2010
    There are a few options. Go to FILE - Export Raster and Elevation Data and select which type of image you want to export. When the specific image export options opens, select the last tab 'Export Bounds'. This is where you choose how you want to crop your image. The options are:

    All loaded data
    All data visible on screen
    Draw a box
    Crop to coordinates
    Or if a shape (enclosed area) is loaded and selected you can crop to that.

    Hope that helps
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