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Is there support in the Global Mapper SDK to implement a function that would first prompt the user to sketch a polygon on the map, and then find and return a list of features falling within the user provided polygon? I believe GM_FindNearestFeatures supports searching within a rectangle. I'm looking for a way to support searching within a polygon where the polygon could have many sides (defined by the user) perhaps 10 or 20 sides or however many sides the user defined by clicking on the map. The last point they click on would be closed back to the first, and it would be fine to support only polygons that do not have loops or crossing lines.


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    Currently there isn't any polygon-searching capability in the SDK. You could use the GM_FindNearestFeatures function to find all features within the bounding box of the polygon, then do your own feature-in-polygon checks based on the coordinates of those features that GM_FindNearestFeatures returned to further filter them.

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