Determining elevation difference between 3D Point data and elevation raster

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I have a dataset of 3D point data (shapefile) that is depth soundings that run mostly in about three long lines up and down a river so they're not very dense. I have another set of soundings for the area that are dense enough to grid. I've gridded that data and am wondering if there's a way to use Global Mapper to get differences (essentially height above or below terrain) for each of the data points in the first dataset I described from the gridded dataset. I'm basically trying to determine if there's a pattern error between the two datasets in this area.



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    Yes, if you grid both data sets (you might use the tightness slider to get a grid just near your actual points, you can then use the File->Combine Terrains menu command to combine the terrains into a new one with the difference between the layers.

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