Importing ASCII Files Failed - Delimiter?

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I've attached a ASCII file I cannot import. User issue or delimiter issue? The file uses the "|" as the delimiter, that option does not exist in the five delimiter choices, auto didn't find it or? The ASCII dialog has lots of options and I could have easily mis-set something.

I had no problem importing the file into Excel, it had a custom delimiter option. However, importing into Excel and exporting into a GM happy file is NOT my first choice, dozens of files.

Thanks for any words of wisdom. :)

On a side note the Folder Marker is not being reset correctly, see this thread. Each time I attempt the import, the folder is pointed to a folder on another HDD a dozen clicks away. Is a successful import required to reset the pointer?


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    Roger - the delimiter is the problem. Auto is looking for one of the available choices only. For now, instead of trying to deal with Excel, I'd just select all the files at once & open them with Notepad. There you can easily do a replace all.
  • Roger EdrinnRoger Edrinn Global Mapper User Posts: 721Trusted User
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    You are correct. As a test I saved as tab delimited in Excel, and GM imported that file in seconds. I then exported the file as GPX so I could look at the data, no better that my old set. I've now abandoned the whole revision to that layer.

    Thanks for the reply.

    A note to Mike, since we have a major federal agency (USGS) using "|" as a delimiter, you'll need to add it sooner or later.
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