Problem reading .bag files

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When I load a .bag file, I just see a bunch of irregular lines in the area the elevation grid should be. These .bag files are new to me so I could be missing a setting. I'll send a sample to the support website.



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    It does look like the .bag file is an elevation grid with just valid samples along the actual data collection lines. Ideally when the .bag file was created the grid would be filled in, or better the data would be returned as the actual sample points.

    Luckily, in GM11 you can easily do this operation yourself. Just right-click on the .bag layer in the Control Center, then select the option to create point features from the grid cell centers. When that completes, right-click on the new point layer in the Control Center and select the option to generate an elevation grid. Once that is done you'll have a nice filled-in grid based on the actual data cells from the .bag file.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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    Thanks, Mike. Works great!

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