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I have a list of vector and raster layers that I am trying to draw in a particular order using GM_DrawLayer. Because the layers are required to be drawn in a fixed order I am using GM_DrawLayer and not GM_DrawLayerList.

When a reduced opacity raster layer is drawn on top of a vector layer (containing point features) and the position of the point features change, the position of the point features are not updated when the layers are redrawn.

Is this expected behaviour and if so, is there a work around to get the layers to update? Is is possible to set draw flags when using GM_DrawLayer?

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    I would suggest still using GM_DrawLayerList even if drawing one layer at a time, you can just pass in a list of one layer, or even just pass in a list with the layers ordered as you want them, rather than using the older GM_DrawLayer function that has less capabilities.

    If you change the location of the vector data underlying a translucent layer, try using the GM_FlushLayerCache function to clear out any cache for the translucent layer so that it will be completely redrawn the next time.

    I would also suggest using the latest SDK build from http://www.globalmapper.com/GlobalMapperSDK_v134_beta.zip as this didn't necessarily work correctly in all earlier builds.

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    Thanks for the advice Mike, that works just great.
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