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I'm trying to relocate a GM workspace file from my 10/100 NAS to my desktop which now has 2TB of HDD space. I had been using my laptop, hence the NAS.

I moved all the files related to the workspace to C: and turned off the NAS, then opened the workspace. GM immediately said it couldn't find the first file. I pointed GM to the first file, and it happily started loading that and subsequent files. However the time estimator quickly went to ~1:30 H:M. I let it chug along and the time stretched to ~3:00. I left for a couple hours and the load had failed: Out-of-Memory, at that point GM was using ~1.8GB of RAM.

As a test I decided to load the file from the NAS, it loaded in less than 5-min and was using 1.1GB of RAM.

What might I be doing wrong? Is their a better strategy for this relocation?

Thanks for any ideas.


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    What is the format of the data that your workspace is referring to? My only thought was that perhaps for one data location that memory-mapped files were being used for the data and direct access in the other case. This could be dependent on the data format being used, but should really only be an issue if you have a huge number of files being referenced.


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    These are all shapefiles.

    I've partially solved the time issue. Turns out I created the workspace as a collection of smaller workspaces. When I moved those workspaces to the same location as the data, it quickly loaded the entire master workspace, less than 10-min.

    Still sorting through the memory issue, uses 1.8GB vs. 1.1GB but it does not crash.

    Also, not seeing the majority of the layers, all the boxes are checked in the OCC, but only a tiny fraction of the objects are displaying.

    More testing needed.

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