APIs for interactively drawing on map?

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From reading the documentation and previous posts, I think I already know the answer to this, but just wanted to double check:

Are there any APIs in the GlobalMapper SDK that would expose functionality for interactive graphical drawing on the map (like the ones in the "Digitizer" toolbar of the GM desktop app)?

Specifically, we are interested in being able to draw piecewise linear features on the map using mouse/keyboard input, labeling line segments and waypoints, interactively moving vertices, and having copy/paste/undo/redo.

It looks like this type of functionality is beyond the scope of the current GM SDK, even though extensive capability is present in the desktop application?

Finally (assuming I haven't missed something), I am wondering if other developers have found it straightforward to integrate any 3rd-party interactive drawing libraries using GlobalMapper as a "synchronized" underlay to the drawing area's canvas?



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    The Global Mapper SDK only provides the low-level mapping technology needed to develop a mapping application, but doesn't provide a user interface for doing what you describe. It would be up to the user of the SDK to provide the desired user experience for their application.


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    All of those things you wish to do are certainly feasible with the SDK. With the exception of the undo/redo, I have implemented them in an application I am building using it. For undo/redo I have mimicked Global Mapper and allowed rendering and restoring deleted features.

    I have not integrated any third party drawing libraries and don't have the need for my application.

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