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Hi all,

I use Global Mapper with a Trimble R8 RTK GPS to create DEMs of archaeological sites. I also use Global Mapper to overlay geophysical data plots over the created DEM.

I've used Global Mapper for a year or so now, but have only just found these forums. :eek:

Anyway, if anyone is in Australia and needs an archaeological geophysicist, I can help. :D


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    I also use global mapper in arch sites near Pompei, it's a great tool.
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    Hi, I represent the Community Landscape Archaeology Survey Project (CLASP), in the UK Midlands. We are using GM18 to complement our other GIS toolkits (QGIS, MapInfo and Fugawi) -- our specific tasks with Global Mapper currently include:
    a)  Display and manipulation of LiDAR DTM and DSM tiles (in UK Environment Agency ASC format) for areas in which we are involved in current fieldwork or potential future fieldwork.
    b)  Overlaying and draping the results of our fieldwalking, metal-detection and geophysics (both vector and raster data, in a mixture of TAB and SHP formats) on to the LiDAR topographic model.
    c)  Viewing and analysing the resulting displays in both 2D and 3D, to inform and direct our ongoing fieldwork.
    d)  Creating fly-throughs of the 3D landscape, to produce videos that can be shared with other colleagues, used in displays and exhibitions etc.

    We intend that our future work will be extended to include SfM modelling of excavations and classification of LiDAR features (both of which will require us to add the GM LiDAR module).  In the longer term, we are also interested in the possibility of exporting 3D landscapes from GM to other 3D packages in order to add modelled features such as virtual reconstructions of original archaeological constructs.

    We are interested in hearing from any other groups (especially in the UK) who are using GM for similar tasks.
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