Alignment of Point Feature Labels

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I have point feature labels that are multi-lined and have found that they are left aligned by default, I'd like them to be centre aligned. I've tried to pad the aLabel string that is passed in to GM_SetFeatureLabel, however all the white space seems to be removed.

Is it possible to change the alignment of point feature labels?


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    You can use the GM_SetPointFeatureDrawStyle function to edit the drawing style for a point (use GM_GetPointFeature to initialize the draw style so you just change what you want). Change the mPlacement member of the GM_FontDef_t structure to one of the centered values, like GM_LABEL_CENTER, to center the text.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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    Hi Mike,

    Yes thanks, that works perfectly. It turns out that I was trying to alter the format of the string when mPlacement was set to GM_LABEL_AUTO.

    Thanks again,
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