Problem setting geographic feature point lists

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I'm having a problem setting line and area feature point lists for geographic layers. The problem only happens when the global projection is something other than geographic. For example, say the global projection is UTM and I then get a line or area feature from a geographic layer with a GM_GetLineFeature call. If I then modify the feature point list and update the feature using GM_SetLineFeaturePointList or GM_SetLineFeaturePointListEx, I get an error 15 for projection error. I am using FALSE for the SetLineFeature aPosInLayerCoords argument since the modified coordinates are in the global projection.

There's no problem modifying geographic layers if the global projection is geographic, and there is no problem modifying features on another layer that is not in the global projection as long as that layer is not geographic.

I'm going to send a small MFC console project that illustrates the problem to the support e-mail. Thanks very much for taking a look.



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    I was able to reproduce the issue and fix it. The function was doing the reprojection in the wrong direction (i.e. layer to global projection rather than the reverse) when passing in coordinates not already in the layer projection. I have placed a new build of the SDK that corrects this at for you to try.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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