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Creating buffers around lines, less vertices on end points

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We are having a great time using Global Mapper.

One question:

We are trying to create low polygon triangulated lines with some width (say 50 feet wide). When we use "Advanced Feature Creation->Create Buffers Around Selected Features" on a line, we get a nice area that can be exported to DXF. The only problem is the rounded end has too many vertices for us and we have to manually reduce them.

Is there an option to create a square end with only 2 vertices?



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    While there isn't an option to create square edges, what you can do after creating your buffers is select them with the Digitizer tool in Global Mapper (they should automatically be selected right after creation), then right-click and select the option to simplify the features. You can then control how to simplify the features to remove vertices yet preserve the basic shape of the areas.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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