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Hi to All,

Last days I've downloaded some abt 250 000 tiles (jpg+map pairs...) of a huge map... Total size abt 3.5 GB...
I was thinking "How to deal with" such a huge map-set...
My fault and shame on me...
I was ignoring GM MapCatalog capabilities..., expecting that my "own" catalogues on HDD are good enough for my needs... But it wasn't true...

Today I've RCVD following reply from our Guru - Mike.. and I wish to share his reply with all of You, Global Mapper Users... making the same error as me..

I think the map catalog is what you want to do. When you create the map catalog you specify when you want the maps in the map catalog to be loaded and displayed. This can be at a particular zoom scale, or when the map bounding boxes take up at least a certain percentage of the screen. If you edit your map catalog so that the maps show up sooner, then you simply have to zoom into an area and when you are zoomed in far enough the map tiles will automatically load and display. The map catalog will also handle automatically unloading maps as they are no longer needed, thus allowing you to work with huge quantities of mapping data without memory issues.
The map catalog will do exactly that, automatically loading maps as needed for display and export and unloading them when no longer needed.
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    Yeah, map catalogs are awesome.
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    The agreement calls for Intermap to obtain access to the source code of Global Mapper for distribution with their elevation and image products and to allow for the future development of visualization and GIS tools said Mike Childs President of Global Mapper Software LLC. We are already in discussion about adding 3D visualization to the package, thus increasing value to Intermap customers.
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    Re Global Mapper Map catalog,

    Hi to All,

    I've found a very interesting continnuation of this subject under following link
    on our Forum:

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