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Which GIS software do you use with Adobe?

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I'm putting together a Cartographic Workstation at home and am looking for some direction. I ordered Adobe CS4 with PS and Illustrator, and am currently using an evaluation copy of ArcGIS which will soon expire.

I'm going to be creating custom topo maps (hardcopy) for outdoor enthusiasts, and will need a GIS program to:
1) create contours and hillshades,
2) organize and export data, and
3) add some labeling (?)

I'm familiar with ArcGIS but am willing to learn something new if it involves saving thousands of dollars. Also, I've never used Adobe in combination with a GIS program, but from my research, this combination seems to be the best solution for my situation. So,, a couple of questions:

1) What in your opinion is the best GIS companion software for the Adobe suite?
2) How do you guys label GIS data such as contours? Can you label them in GM and then export the text to Illustrator? Do you need MapPublisher in order to use Illustrator as a label engine?

Many Thanks!


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    We of course would recommend Global Mapper as your GIS software. If you have contour lines with elevation values associated with them Global Mapper will automatically label those contours with the elevation. The default label placement algorithm will automatically prevent things like overlapping labels, etc.

    The easiest way to get this data into Illustrator would be to export to a PDF file using the File->Export PDF menu command, then just load that into Illustrator.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


    Global Mapper Support
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