Elevation Grid shifts a bit after export to GMP and reload

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If I load a demo.txt elevation grid and I export to a Global Mapper package file and reload the GMP file, the loaded package file shifts slightly.

If I check the Metadata for each of the layers there are some differences as follows

UPPER LEFT X_____336000.000____335984.252
UPPER LEFT Y_____655000.000____655015.748
LOWER RIGHT X___340000.000____340015.748
LOWER RIGHT Y___651000.000____650984.252
PIXEL WIDTH______31.5 metres___31.7 metres
PIXEL HEIGHT_____31.5 metres____31.7 metres
MIN ELEVATION___241 metres_____241.9 metres
MAX ELEVATION__ 470 metres_____467.5 metres

Is there a way to fix these inaccuracies? I face the same problem if using the SDK where the Grid layer looks to have shifted slightly.

Please find attached demo.txt which is an ASCII grid file and edges.zip which contains a DXF file containing the edges of the original grid file


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