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Elevation Grid shifts a bit after export to GMP and reload

Osei Global Mapper UserTrusted User
edited March 2010 in SDK
If I load a demo.txt elevation grid and I export to a Global Mapper package file and reload the GMP file, the loaded package file shifts slightly.

If I check the Metadata for each of the layers there are some differences as follows

UPPER LEFT X_____336000.000____335984.252
UPPER LEFT Y_____655000.000____655015.748
LOWER RIGHT X___340000.000____340015.748
LOWER RIGHT Y___651000.000____650984.252
PIXEL WIDTH______31.5 metres___31.7 metres
PIXEL HEIGHT_____31.5 metres____31.7 metres
MIN ELEVATION___241 metres_____241.9 metres
MAX ELEVATION__ 470 metres_____467.5 metres

Is there a way to fix these inaccuracies? I face the same problem if using the SDK where the Grid layer looks to have shifted slightly.

Please find attached demo.txt which is an ASCII grid file and which contains a DXF file containing the edges of the original grid file


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