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Robyn Donna
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Website designing is not ruffling with graphics and colors as one think. It’s one of the pivotal segments of website which one should purse with at most care and deft touch. It’s one segment which has ever changing fads and trends, and with visual effects and other gimmicks at its helm, it’s most happening field in website maintenance. Web designing include all design features which give shape and form in a website.
It actually determines the way ones site is visible to eyelashes of users. Too much of emphasis were given by web designers on the way site looks sleek and posh for users rather than concentrating on focusing the users on key things which can galvanize a firm’s reputation and business. One should understand the key objective of any web design is to make it as a portal to market ones firm or to garner sales and promotion. They should focus users on their products and services rather than getting struck in their design gimmicks and magic. Now with advent of flash design, it’s almost become a protocol to produce a interactive flash based movies which is astounding the users with its flexibility and comfort level of its usability.
One should also have senses to decipher that content is pivotal aspect as design of websites, even though it’ s unattractive aspect when it comes to employing ones creativity. So website design should complement the content, than both competing each other and indulging in some bull fight or altercation. Now with advent of CSS( Cascading Style Sheet) web designers does not have to write long codes which they were performing under HTML or other flash coding, and literally they have complete freedom to fabricate a content as they wish. Images and icons are used to highlight certain points and should keep the users engaged to one site rather than causing some irritation and potential loss of order from the users. One has to clearly understand the fact that basic objective behind any website design is to contrive some action from the users, and also instantly. Web designing is a science which one has to master it and there is no short formula for success rather than face it head to head and learn it, and also culture and target audience plays a major role in determining what approach should use it to fabricate a web design, which is always delivered at best levels at dynamic market environment.
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