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Proprietary VITEC (*.VIT) - format

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I have so far been unsuccessfull in finding a software to convert VITEC image raster files. Does anyone have any help regarding this? As this is a proprietary format I do not think it is possible for GlobalMapper to implement support for this.

Software which is using this stupid format is called Socket GPX:

XN-view ( is supposed to read it, I will try to read it as soon as I have the file downloaded and write the result here.

UPDATE: The XN-View did not work with this type so I am still stuck, awaiting reply from the company producing these files for the moment


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    I haven't been able to find the format specification either. It would probably have to come from VITEC.


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    It was a useful format for its time. We still use them.

    It is a type of tiled image with large size allowed. I haven't yet found the limit although there must be one. I think I've had one over 10Gb.

    Your options that I know of to view/convert are Socet Set, Socet GXP, Leica Photogrammetry Suite and Arcmap through the Erdas stereo analyst add on.

    I think I have tried renaming as tif and some software could read them.
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