ASCII Import - Skip Rows at Start

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I don't see a means to direct the SDK to skip rows at the start of a file for generic ASCII imports. It's something I use from Global Mapper that would be a nice addition sometime if I'm not just missing it. Thanks.



  • global_mapperglobal_mapper Administrator Posts: 17,238
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    I added a mLinesToSkip to the GM_AsciiImport_t structure so that you can now specify the number of lines to skip. I have placed a new SDK with this change at for you to try.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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  • dcoggindcoggin Global Mapper User Posts: 259Trusted User
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    Works great, Mike. I also noticed that the SDK ASCII read is smart enough on its own to skip over non-numeric rows at the top. Thanks very much.

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