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I'm trying to load GlobalMapperInterface.dll using JNA (Java Native Access). It seems to depend on DWMAPI.DLL which is a vista/7 dll. Since I need to get this to run on xp this is bit of a problem. I can't seem to find platform requirements anywhere, but am I correct in my assumption; SDK requires vista or higher?

Dependency Walker screenshot:


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    The SDK should not have any dependency on that DLL. In fact, the SDK will work all the way back to Windows 98. The machine that the SDK is developed on is a XP Professional 64-bit machine. When I run depends.exe on the GlobalMapperInterface.dll file the DWMAPI.DLL file does not show up as a dependency. Perhaps one of the standard system DLLs on your machine that the GlobalMapperInterface.dll file depends on requires that file for some reason?

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    Error on my part. I assumed pointing the java environment variable java.library.path to bin folder was enough, but it appears external dependencies cannot be resolved then. Added bin folder to system path instead and it worked.
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