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Export GeoTIFF speed is too slow if custom projection is set

Max Global Mapper User
edited February 2010 in SDK
Hi everyone!

I am use GM v.10 SDK in my project for export multiple png tiles from large geotiff file. Export of each individual tile takes 1-3 seconds with default projection, but if I change global projection to mercator, export is slow down extremely (up to 40 seconds per tile). However, that's true not for all geotiffs I used for tests. After a small investigation, I found that some files was made using JPEG compression, so I converted them to geotiffs without any compression applied to pixel data and tried export again. As I expected, export speed became fast - 1-5 seconds per tile (with mercator projection set). Unfortunately, source files conversion isn't an acceptable solution for my project. Please, advise how to resolve this issue or any reasonable workaround

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