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Reprojecting a georeferenced TIFF Image?

zdircksen Global Mapper User
Hello Mike,
I have come to you with a similar question in the past, and your response has had me working well.
Today, I am trying to reproject a TIFF image that was already georeferenced in another coordinate system. Am I able to do this?
When I bring in the georeferenced TIFF, I am not able to set the image to the correct coordinate system.
Thanks for your time,


  • global_mapper
    global_mapper Administrator
    edited February 2010

    Yes, just load the file in its correct original projection system, then go to the Projection tab of the Configuration dialog and change the projection to the desired one, then export to a new GeoTIFF file.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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  • zdircksen
    zdircksen Global Mapper User
    edited February 2010
    Check Mike,
    I was able to get it to work. Either my brain was elsewhere or I had to export the working TIFF to an independent image to then be reprojected. Nevertheless, I am a happy man.
    Thanks, Zach
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