Working with Digitized Topographical maps

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I started typing this question and while I was doing it I continued to
play around in Globalmapper and discovered how to solve my problem.

I will post anyway to share the result with the forum.

I found a source for Canadian 50,000:1 and 250,000:1 topographical map
data which has been rasterized and projected as UTM (NAD83).
The data is provided as TIF files.

Each individual map is provided as the entire paper map scanned at
300 dots per inch, including the borders of the map. I've attached
a screen capture in globalmapper of two data files just as I loaded them.

I need to make a big mosaic from a series of of these maps without the borders.

It turns out the solution is simple.

1) Open the Control Center "Tools->Control Center...",
select the dataset, click Options.

2) Select the cropping tab. Selected "Crop to Manually Specified Lat/Lon
Boundary". I clicked "Specify Lat/Lon Crop Boundary..." expecting to I
would have to enter the correct Lat/Lon. The default values were correct
(I guess the come from the TIF file). The cropping option
"Automatically Crop DRG-style Collar" works too.

That was simple.

Happy Holidays everyone
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