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import arc Tin

phxdwlphxdwl Global Mapper UserPosts: 56Trusted User
edited January 2010 in Technical Support
i have a tin file with breaks and points created in esri 3d analyst. it is a directory of files one xml 9 adf files. when i try in import it i get a list of possible file types i have tryed all the ones that i think would fit. do i need to get this converted to a grid first? or can i import this directly.


  • global_mapperglobal_mapper Administrator Posts: 17,238
    edited January 2010
    Global Mapper cannot directly load the ESRI TIN format as no one has reverse-engineered the format yet and ESRI has not published it, so you would need to first convert it to a grid or export it to a standard format, like perhaps a Shapefile, before you could load it.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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  • phxdwlphxdwl Global Mapper User Posts: 56Trusted User
    edited January 2010
    i can get the break lines and point used to create the tin, but i want to avoid duplicaiton of data on the server as much as possible

    thanks for the quick respoince as allways
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