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Adding Attribute for all types

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I have a project with parcels of land outlined. I want to add 5 new attributes to all parcels (over 1000 parcels). How do I add these attributes to all parcels, quickly? They are based on an imported Shape file, so there are shp, dbf, and other files.

I have added an attribute to one parcel, but I have not seen where it actually updates the underlying data. Where is that update stored?

Finally, once I get these attributes added to each parcel, I want to be able to update the underlying database (I am hoping the update is in a database!) off-line, so any schmuck can update the data without having to open Global Mapper.

Thanks in advance for the insight.


  • global_mapper
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    edited January 2010
    You can easily add attributes to multiple features by selecting all of the features to edit with the Digitizer Tool or through the Search by Attributes dialog, then editing them all at once and adding the desired attributes.

    To save your changes to the base data you will need to use the File->Export Vector->Export Shapefile menu command to export the data to a new Shapefile. The attributes are in a DBF file which you can easily load and edit in Excel.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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