how to rectify imagery imported in an ecw file

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I used a program called SASPlanet to generate a very detailed map which could be exported as an ECW map that Globalmapper can read. It is read in, but no elevation data seem to be included. I merged in a DEM file and could generate contours, but I wanted a 3D view in GM and only the DEM and contours show up in it. How can I overlay the detailed map that I see from the ECW layer in the 3D view?


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    The ECW format will just contain a rendered image of your data. The underlying elevation data is no longer there for Global Mapper to use. If you also have a DEM loaded, just make sure that the DEM is before the ECW image in the Control Center so that the ECW shows up on top. Then when you show the 3D view the ECW image should be draped on top of the DEM surface.

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