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Unable to get data from New Zealand's WMS source

tnine Global Mapper User
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Hi all,
I'm attempting to download the DEM (50m) layer from LINZ's wms service and unable to do so. I've performed a search and pin, then zoom to a 1 k screen size as per demo video. I then peform these steps to add the wms source and try to get data.
  1. File -> Download Online Imagry
  2. Add WMS data source
  3. Server URL:
  4. Service Name: nztopo_wms
  5. Get list of available layers
  6. Select DEM (50 m)
  7. Click OK
  8. Select my new source
  9. select screen bounds
  10. Click ok

After this I receive the error

"The server name or address could not be resolved.".

However it doesn't tell me which server it can't actually resolve. I also have access to GeoTiff as well. Can I get all the data I need out of them to create files for cgpsmapper to load maps on to my garmin?



  • global_mapper
    global_mapper Administrator
    edited December 2009

    The WMS capabilities returned for that server indicates that the maps should come from the URL: http://gistolims01:80/wmsconnector/com.esri.wms.Esrimap/nztopo_wms?"

    The 'gistolims01' part doesn't really look valid to me (the :80 means port 80, which is the HTTP port). Perhaps you have to be on a system where that server name makes sense and the data isn't available outside of that network?

    To get data for use in cGPSMapper you will need vector data (i.e. areas, lines, and/or point featuers). Neither the WMS data or a GeoTIFF will provide that as both just provide raster/image representations of the data, which is not something that cGPSMapper can use to create new Garmin maps. Do you have a source of vector data for your area of interest?


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