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Calculate Line of Sight End point using elevation data

BLBow Global Mapper User
edited May 2013 in Elevation Data
Our application embedds GM to both renderer our charts and provide an interface to obtain elevation data information. One of our objectives is: With a camera at a known location, known altitude, known pant tilt unit azimuth and elevation (tilt) bearings, and using GM (loaded with elevation data) interface what is the most efficient way to determine the range at wich the cameras focal line intersects or is occluded by the elevation of the terrain. We have been fiddling with GM_GetPathProfile and GM_GetPathProfileLOS but I am not sure I understand how to best use these given that the end point is unknown and is infact what we are trying to determine. Thought about asking for LOS without endpoint occlusion, then marching down the list of elevations doing triangle math...


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