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Stupid request from Edgar

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Hi to All,

1. First thing is that I've created a web site for GlobalMapper on polish server, collecting all sorts of tutorials, links, news re: GM, but also refering to mapping, cartography, GPS navigation, OffRoad, Survival, TreasureHunting, Geocaching - so every subject refered to possible use of Global mapper and GPS navigation... and that is "not stupid"...

2. The stupid one is that I've entered on my site a World Flag counter showing to me from where Users are visiting this site... Yes, I agree, that it is stupid, but make me happy - watching every time new flag appearing on the map. You can see that gadget here:

If You don't mind - PLS come to add Your Flag on the map...
It is silly, no doubts, but who says we have to do only "smart" things in our life... ? Sometimes a small silly thing makes us happy...

So, You are welcome... :-)) Thanks in advance...
I'll do a favour for You as well ... Just call me...

Best to All of You



    EDGAR Global Mapper User Trusted User
    edited December 2009
    Hi to All,

    The second "silly" thing is -
    Let us make "my" site - Yours... INTERNATIONAL !!!
    Why NOT ?!
    I am going to offer to ALL of You a space on my site - regardless the language you are using - Greek, Chinese, Mongolian, Arabic, Thai... EVERY ONE...
    I will publish Your thoughts refering to Global Mapper and to ALL related subjects mentioned and ALL proposed by You - on the site...
    Some of You probably don't have your site, so WELCOME on mine which soon will became YOURS... Just e-mail me Your thoughts, share Your news, experiences, tutorials, screenshots, links to resources...
    And PLS do correct me if sometimes I'm wrong or I've forgotten about something important...
    I will NOT grab it for myself, (I don't need it at all), but I will publish them under Your names or Nick-Names, and all together we well collect enormous amount of international knowledge, links, examples for all other "Dummies", as I was before - endlesly searching around Internet resources - praying for finding something valuable, interesting - because knowledge is so dispersed, so hidden among so many useless sities, so one has real headache to find and discover what he really wants to find...

    So, why not ?
    You are welcome, You are invited...

    What do You think ... Does my offer is OK ? Is it sincere ?

    If You realize it - YES - just start working and distribute Your knowledge among other "Dummies"...

    PS. Some time ago, I've been trying to enter a short news re: GlobalMapper on Wikipedia... But they refused, they said it is an "advertising" material... OK... Let them think like that...
    But we have our Global Mapper International WEB for all of us..

    So, come and share Your thoughts and experience...
    You are welcome...

    EDGAR Global Mapper User Trusted User
    edited December 2009
    Hi to ALL,

    I wish to thank very much to ALL of YOU who recognized my "silly request" as worth of your hits...
    Many thanks to Users from USA - Your hits and flags make my map colourfull,
    as well I wish to thank for Users from Greece, France, Russia and for my special quest from Noumea - New Caledonia.
    Best regards to all of You, You've made my days happiest.
    Today: 09th December 09 - I would like to thank to NEW Users - from USA, Romania and Italy - who added their flags on my web map. :-)) PLS kindly note, that I invite all of You for e-mail contact in order to share our experience, and to build global contact among all mapping Maniacs, GlobalMapper Users, map collectors, GPS Navigators, Treasure Hunters, OffRoaders... and all sorts of Enthusiasts...
    09-12-2009 at 23:29
    Hello to the User from UK - many thanks for Your flag... :-)) Would You like to add something from Your side on my web ? You are welcome ! Screens, tutorials, articles... whatever...
    10-12-2009 at 11:13
    Today Best regards to User from Calgary / Canada - Thank You very much for Your flag. Looks great :-))
    12-12-2009 at 15:54 PL
    I wish to greet and to thank for two Users - Romania, and Chile for their flags. You are Welcome.
    15.12.2009 at 21:15 PL
    Hello to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada - Many thanks for your flag :-))
    20-12-2009 at 22:59 PL
    Sincere Greetings to All of You who gave me your flags on my map...
    for Users from: Sunnyvale, Edmonton, Calgary, Fort Collins, Golden, Denver, Parker, Phoenix, Jacksonville Tucson, Omaha, Flagstaff, Fairfax, Reading, Mason, Rochester, Ann Arbor, Gherla, Cluj napoca, Bucuresti, Boyne City and Macedonia, Greece, France, Russia, Poland, New Caledonia, New Zealand - Wellington, England... - and to all others mentioned before - ... :-))
    Best to All of You. Your feedback makes my days happiest...
  • factum
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  • factum
    factum Global Mapper User
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  • hsocapitolio
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    Que bueno que estamos tambien promocionando los otros paises, ojala y se pueda hablar en español en este foro, gracias Edgar...
  • ninac15
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    We all know we are unique individuals, but we tend to see others as representatives of groups.

    Mother Knows Best
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