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WMS Seamless Links and Problems

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Here is a good link for a large number of WMS sites that are available from the USGS:

If you go to that site, you will see that there is a WMS link for most of the US States.

My problem: ALL of the links I have tried will give me the layer information when I add it as a WMS server. All of the STATE WMS servers give me an "Error Downloading WMS Data Tile". (The 3 links at the top of this page seem to work... ).

The state WMS servers have more recent data on them, but we are unable to download them.

I wonder... is there a way to make this work in Global Mapper?

I have included a sample project file for an area in Huntsville Alabama. Also, the state WMS link is:

Can you get a download to work for the Huntsville Alabama area in the sample workspace?


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    It does seem as though ArcMap is successfully reading the data from the State links.
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    The problem is the extra stuff at the end of the URL. If you remove everything from the question mark to the end when setting up the source, then it should work.

    I have also updated Global Mapper to automatically handle these even with the extra stuff. I have placed a new build at with the change for you to try. Simply download that file and extract the contents into your existing v11.xx installation folder to give it a try. If you are using the 64-bit v11 version there is a new build at .

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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