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digital globe end user agreement

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I had a look at the GlobeXplorer End User License Agreement that is linked from the buy_digital_globe.htm page. First of all, should this not be updated to digital globe instead of the older globeXplorer?
More importantly, I believe that digital globe offers more than one kind of purchase license - for me the inability to use the imagery for just about any purpose is so restrictive there isn't any reason to download it. According to the End User License I could not even show the imagery to anyone else at all for any reason, not that anyone would ever know if I did.

Can you clarify how I might be able to get permission to USE the imagery for a publication or presentation?




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    The license agreement is the one that DigitalGlobe provided us to display. The servers are the original GlobeXplorer servers, now with DigitalGlobe data. It does state that GlobeXplorer is a DigitalGlobe company. It does seem that there is no longer any need for the GlobeXplorer name any longer, but they haven't provided an updated usage agreement.

    The agreement is rather limiting it terms of your use of the data, but you can use it for any personal or internal business purpose, including presentations internal to your company, you just can't publish the data in the public domain. The second section which covers Restrictions are stated with the purpose of NOT limiting what is allowed in the first section. You can also get written permission from DigitalGlobe to use the data in other ways not obviously allowed.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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