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PolygonClipperEx.cpp Error

GeminiMind Global Mapper User
edited December 2009 in Bug Report

I have a consistent problem when exporting my generated TINs to DXF or any other vector format. I am not sure what I may be doing but sometimes they files will export fine and others i get the following error:

Error exporting <PATH/FILENAME>
PolygonClipperEx.cpp - 480
Build Time: Nov 13 2009 08:53:19

I have attached a sample file with using the data to generated the TIN. I generated the TIN and exported out to DXF and I get the above error.

Please fix this or example why this is happen so we can work around it.

NOTE: If i export the points from the TIN as a Lidar(las file) and then TIN the lidar points, I do not get this error when exporting to DXF. But - doing this would wipe out breaklines already included in the mesh, so this isn
t an option.

Thanks for your support!
Mike Riggs
Adsync Technologies


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