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Wrong contrast calculation for OSM layers

Bushman Global Mapper User
edited November 2009 in Bug Report
Just tried to use OSM data for basic georeferencing of some map.
In my workflow, I usually put reference map over working map, make reference map semi-transparent and apply contrast adjustment to it (to get better visibility of details).
But with OSM data layer, I've got contrast statistics, calculated for each separate tile of layer. It looks not so good, as desired. Maybe, it's better to share contrast adjustment for all tiles?


  • global_mapper
    global_mapper Administrator
    edited November 2009
    In general contrast adjustment doesn't work well on tiled online source as new tiles are constantly coming in so it is difficult to come up with a single contrast adjustment. I would instead recommend tweaking the individual color channels for that layer on the Color/Contrast Adjustment tab or using the Color Grade tab. Another option would be to export the data for your area of interest to a single file, then load that in and apply contrast rather than doing it for the online source.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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