Global Mapper v11.01 Available - Adds 3D Vector Display!

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Global Mapper Software LLC is pleased to announce the availability of Global Mapper v11.01 at . Just download that file and run it to install v11.01. It will install over any existing Global Mapper v11.xx version. If you need the 64-bit version you can download and install that from .

Numerous significant enhancements and bug fixes have been made to Global Mapper for this release. The most significant changes are described below:

- The 3D Viewer now supports displaying 3D vector features in space above or below the terrain surface. You can also extrude 3D area features to create building-like displays.
- Added new GPS menu option to send any loaded data map directly to a compatible Garmin GPS device, such as a Colorado or Oregon handheld, for display as a raster map on the unit. This allows display of anything, including imagery, on compatible Garmin GPS devices!
- Added support for creating buffer areas some fixed distance around selected area and line features. This option is available from the Advanced Feature Creation submenu of the right-click menu in the Digitizer Tool.
- Updated map layout to support adding text anywhere on the map.
- Allowing sorting search results by any attribute rather than just the name.
- Added support for controlling at what zoom levels a map layer will appear, similar to the functionality available with a map catalog. You can configure this by right-clicking on a layer in the Control Center and selecting the new option to setup what zoom levels a map will display at.

All of the other numerous changes are listed in the What's New document that is displayed during installation.

Note that this is a free upgrade for registered users of any Global Mapper
v11.xx product. Registered Global Mapper v10.xx users can purchase an
upgrade for only $129 US from the Purchase page at .

Please let us know if you have any problems, questions, or comments.


Global Mapper Support


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