DGN file not loading.

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Just recently switched to Win7 64-bit and installed a recent build of GM11 (Oct 26 2009 13:58:05). I opened a Workspace I had been working on in XP (32bit GM11) without problems. It now gives the following error when processing the DGN file (both as part of the workspace and individually):
WARNING: Unable to load overlay 686_geotech_TH_09.dgn
Read access violation at data address 0xFFFFFFFF,
program address 0x4009B8DC
WARNING: No overlays could be loaded from file .....

Has this been corrected in a more-recent version? Also, it seems to me we've had this conversation before with GM11: http://www.globalmapperforum.com/forums/bug-report/4587-bug-rename-user-created-features-not-persistent.html#post11009


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    This is a known problem with DGN files in the 64-bit version. The 64-bit DGN import library from our DGN library provider has a lot of problems, but the 32-bit version works fine. We are waiting to get an update from them to fix the problem. In the meantime the 32-bit version should work.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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