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Does anyone recognise this format:

0.000 5126.425305 N 00010.301973 E 231811.
0.100 5126.473812 N 00010.238558 E 231816.
0.200 5126.510820 N 00010.178092 E 231820.
0.300 5126.544082 N 00010.111711 E 231825.
0.000 5128.551014 N 00002.002004 W 231402.
0.100 5128.384004 N 00001.952369 W 231458.
0.200 5128.345959 N 00001.897862 W 231510.
0.300 5128.306973 N 00001.838903 W 231520.

Any help would be great.


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    Not offhand. Any idea where on the planet the data is supposed to be from?
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    I don't recognize the format either, although it looks like something that you could load with the File->Open Generic ASCII Data File menu command with just a little tweaking. It wasn't entirely clear to me which were the coordinate columns though. The last one looks like a coordinate easting or northing, but there isn't another column to pair with it to make a complete coordinate if that was the case.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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    I've sincw found out that it came in to a colleague from a surveyor using a GPS and it looks to me to be similar to NMEA dat but with some of the content missing. I've sorted him out a conversion routine and asked him to go back and talk to the surveyor to get details of the equipment used.
    Mike: I tried to bring it in using ASCII but couldn't get it to work:(
    Frank2: The E set is in Kent, UK and the W set on Salisbury plain, UK.

    Thanks both.
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